This section features a list of experimental methods of communicating with the AfterLife. The purpose of this section is to help groups of people around the world try experimental ways of communication and then have a forum to record and expand upon the findings. Don't be discouraged, it takes many years and hundreds of different types of experiments to communicate with the afterlife. By being proactive you will help pioneer interworld telepathic communication. Please come up with your own experiments and add them to this website.

Tips on How to Conduct a Seance and Communicate With the Dead

Tips on How to Conduct a Seance and Communicate With the Dead

It’s believed that a séance is a means for the living to contact and talk with spirits of loved ones who have handed over. With a relatively small amount of kit, a séance can be performed in a secure and accountable way.

Collect a gaggle of folks who wish to participate in the séance. A very good number is between three-12 people. Nonetheless, the group ought to be sufficiently small to virtually match around a table. The group should include an skilled medium or psychic and all individuals needs to be mature, trustworthy, have an excellent nature. They should be told about what’s involved in a séance and its attainable risks.

Before the séance is performed, a small amount of preparation is to be undertaken. A table is critical and a spherical table is preferable. You might want to cleanse the desk with white salt. Place a hand on the salt and say phrases to the affect of “Blessings be upon this salt.”

Scatter the salt on the table and surrounding areas and say phrases to the have an impact on of “May this area be cleansed and blessed.”

Put a canopy on the table in non secular colors such as white, purple or silver. Putting objects corresponding to recent fruit or flowers on the desk might entice and entice spirits. Set a candle in the center of the table (ideally white.) You could additionally want to use the salt from earlier and sprinkle a circle of protection around the desk and surrounding space after which place more white candles around this circle.

Before the séance begins, gather your group to discuss the next:

-Who you wish to lead the séance (it will probably be your medium or psychic.)

-What your agreed goal for the séance shall be (for example, ‘We want to contact (name of spirit) and ask them…)

-What questions each particular person of the group will want to ask.

Dim the lights and turn off any electrical disturbances resembling televisions. Mild the candles and incense (sandalwood, cinnamon and frankincense are good choices.) You could want to activate a tape recorder to capture any E.V.Ps (electrical voice phenomena) and maintain a pen and paper helpful to record any events. Settle your group across the desk and take some time to assume about the person you wish to contact and be half of hands. You might want to begin with a prayer of safety or a blessing. It should then be time in your leader to summon the spirits. They could want to start by ringing a bell to draw spirits. They are going to want to say one thing like: “We wish to communicate with (title of spirit.) Move among us. (Identify of spirit) are you with us?”

Repeat until the spirit responds in any of the next ways:

-By rapping (rapping knocks around the room.)

-By talking immediately though the medium or leader.

-Table Tipping.

-By method of a ouija board or planchette if these have been positioned on the table.

Ask your questions and when the séance has come to an finish, break arms, blow out candles. Thank the spirit and tell it to go in peace.

Security Considerations:

-Only conduct a séance if you’re pleased to take action and really feel comfy psychologically and emotionally in participating.

-All the time use a professional medium or skilled psychic.

-Be respectful to all of the contributors and spirits. Do not scare, yell or ask silly questions.

-Although séances are normally protected, they can attract malevolent spirits who can trick and lie. Use your instincts and do not trust trickery. If a dangerous spirit makes contact. Firmly ask it to go away your circle and invoke your protection prayers.

-Do not break the circle of palms whilst a séance is being conducted.

-Don’t conduct a séance if drunk.

-Do not conduct a séance with children.

-If in case you have developed a relationship with your spirit guides, permit them to assist you within the séance.

- Concentrate on any fireplace dangers from burning candles and incense.

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