The Illusion of Identity

The Illusion of Identity

In these times of increasing efforts to monitor and control us, it seems especially important to realize that who we are has nothing to do with the documents, numbers, reports or beliefs through which we are identified.

Who we are is beyond definition.

I recently dreamed that I found myself in totally unfamiliar territory with all my documents, keys and cards gone. There was not way to identify myself. Yet rather than feeling fearful, as I have in the past in real or dream life when Imisplaced or lost these, I felt strangely free.

Our ID, our Id- entity is a grand illusion. A lifeless thing composed of conscious and unconscious conditioning – through fear – of not being loved or accepted if we do not comply with familial, social, cultural or religious rules and beliefs.

An increasingly common phenomenon in spiritual circles are name changes. Some get new names from gurus. Or in meditation. Or simply make them up based on who we think we are now. These names can change as our authentic inner self blossoms and expands. Rarely to these names conform with legal names or identity. Even this is an illusion, however. ANY name, ANY self definition in words is necessarily only an approximation of who we are, since who we are is infinite, and without form.

I first experienced beingness beyond identity twenty five years ago at the Grand Canyon. Sitting quietly off the path, absorbed in the changing shadows over the canyon, time stopped. It was not until I began to feel chilled that I realized I had been there for several hours. When I got up I felt I had been truly seen for the first time in my life. Somehow, in the silence, in the absence of thought, feeling, motion or human contact, I had made contact with my Self.

My path since then has taken me many unfamiliar places where I have been unknown. And as I create new bios, vitae, business cards, web sites and continue to acquire documents requiring name, social security number, etc. the challenge is to be my authentic SELF without getting trapped in the illusion that these FORMS of identification are who I am.

I am not alone in this dilemma. More and more of us are awakening to a larger reality while needing to function within the matrix of cultural norms. Living off the grid physically is technologically possible. Living free of the grid of conscious and unconscious belief is an ongoing challenge.

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