The Final 24 Hours of Your Existence

The Final 24 Hours of Your Existence

Death is inevitable. There will come a time when our bodies will decompose and be part of the ecological cycle asfood for the saprotrophs. There is a big question on whether where our consciousness will be going after we die. The theory of after life is still in question, and nobody really knows if heaven or hell exists.

Death as we know it is a very sad occurrence. Most of us experienced losing people we love. We went through the whole process of coping up with death. In the model of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, 5 stages were formulated to cope up with death which are as follows: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and finally, Acceptance. The only time that we can move on is when we reach the final stage.

Let’s take death in a different perspective. What if we are the ones to die? Can you tell yourself today that you are ready without any hint of remorse and regret for how you lived your life? Just imagine this; you were rushed to the hospital because you suddenly fainted in the middle of a party. You woke up the next morning with the sight of the doctor waiting in front of you to give an important announcement. He said, “It breaks my heart to tell you this, but you only have 24 hours to live. Do whatever you want with the time you have left.” He requested that you set a timer with your smartphone for you to know when your time is up. You did what you were told. And now for the difficult question; how will you spend the final 24 hours of your life?

Maybe some of you will choose to party all day and all night. Some of you may even pig out on all the foods that you love till there’s no more room left in your stomach. For the others, this might be the best time to experience what everyone is talking about because they don’t want to die a virgin. There are some who will splurge all the money they have to buy all the latest gadgets that every electronics-manufacturing company has to offer. This might be the time to meet your most desired celebrity and kiss him/her in the lips. Or maybe some of you will want to man up—since this will be your last day on this world—and face your most horrifying fears. This might be what most of you will be doing in their last day on earth. But may I ask you this. Have you thought about repenting for your sins? Or aren’t you planning on telling your family how much they mean to you and how much you love them? Have you even considered telling everybody you had hurt that you’re sorry?

Perhaps in the final hours of our lives, many of us will choose to be beside the person we love. Some may even just go back to work pretending that it’s just an ordinary day, while others may choose to go to a faraway place, alone, to contemplate about what kind of life they have lived. As from the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

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