Being able to communicate with the AfterLife could be one of the biggest breakthroughs since the beginning of time. Having a reliable means of communication could change the planet and shape the future of man kind. We could communicate with great leaders of the past and get their suggestions on how to achieve world peace, reduce famine, stop war, etc.

Oh my Soul – Getting in touch with your Soul

Oh my Soul – Getting in touch with your Soul

Many consider the soul as the invisible embodiment and essence of the individual, and if that’s true, what exactly does that mean? Is the soul just an unknowable concealed part of us? What is the soul’s purpose and is it possible to know and express the soul? There is certainly a dimension of the self that everyone has experienced or intuited that we most likely will recognize as the soul. Asking for the reason that the soul is a part of us is really quite a backward question, because really the question should be, why we are an extension of the soul?

In the book, Forgotten Truth, The Common Visions of the Worlds Religion,Huston Smith, a prominent authority on world’s religion, says this about the soul: “Situated as it were behind the senses, it sees through the eyes without being seen, hears with the ears without itself being heard. If we equate mind with the stream of consciousness, the soul is the source of this stream, it is also the witness while never itself appearing within the stream as a datum to be observed.” Huston’s description of the soul here represents a generally common theme in most religions about the nature of the soul.

But the soul has been argued and debated about for centuries The fact that as humans we sense there is an essence or invisible sense to our being is not the argument. To most people this is undeniable. The arguments come from ideas like, which came first, the body or the soul? Does the soul transcend the body after it dies? And, does every living thing have a soul? I have my own personal beliefs or theories on all of these questions and most religions will have their ideas about this as well. But, does it really come down to the possibility that the soul is not knowable with a reasoning mind? Or as I contend, are these questions really as important as just getting to know the soul in us first, then contemplating the origin of the soul later, if we even still care?

This is the majesty and the mystery of the soul – having this absolute knowing that there is a vastness and deepness about our self that is difficult to process using just the mind and the body.  Deepak Chopra, spiritual teacher and scientist, says in his book, Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul, ”We can resurrect the soul from its dormant state by turning the tables: Instead of defining the soul first, why not look at the need the soul fulfills, and worry about a strict definition later?” He later goes on to say that the soul connects you to God, and that somewhere along the way as humans, through the gift of free will, have chosen to divide the body from the soul.

The ignited soul, as a connecting part of your total being, enhances and expands the mind and the body to new dimensions. They are integrally connected. Again, from Deepak’s book, Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul, he defines, simply, the basic formula for life:

  • Soul carries the potential
  • Mind carries the intention
  • Brain produces the results

The soul is the deep calling that we feel to learn more about the inner self, to connect with God at a deeper level, to relate to others with love and compassion, and to expand your very being into a much broader perspective than just the mind and the body can conceive. And, it’s all available right where you are, right now! We don’t have to look to the sky, or to the gods, or to achieve a salvation or redemption to start this process. We can begin this moment by allowing the soul to speak to us. As Jesus says, “Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door will be opened.”

There are so many practical ways we can begin to reunite with a ready soul. These methods can be deeply personal and unique to each individual based on your prior experiences and your current belief systems, but I will present several powerful techniques to touch to light of your soul. You will not need any help from anyone knowing when you have achieved this, you will know, because your soul will begin to soar.

  • Develop a deep connection with consciousness – meditating, contemplating, deep listening and self observation. Find and expand that place between thoughts or just behind the conscious mind. Once you feel that you have touched this, expand yourself in this sacred place.
  • Intense exercise or concentration can sometimes transcend both the mind and the body. It’s not so much over exerting the mind or the body in either of these activities as it is actually intuitively knowing and reaching outside of the mind and body to perform.
  • The soul is not static – it is active when we are most in tune with it. Work on developing deep love and compassion towards the self. Forgiveness and release of the past expand the soul. Put several small practices into your daily routine that accentuate love and forgiveness towards yourself, likeaffirmations, speaking gently to yourself, either aloud or silently about your true nature, or deep contemplation on the self, as soul.
  • Begin to connect and feel your boundlessness, limitlessness. See yourself not just as a body, but beyond this. Visualize yourself, not as an image, but as an essence that just keeps getting bigger, and bigger and bigger, infinitely.  Embrace the mystery of your being. Feel how this boundlessness touches others and the environment around you.
  • This is always a great practice for me for all of my spiritual work – Get outside! Nature and the perfect balance and cooperation of nature, touches me deeply. Allow the energy and vibrancy of nature to connect with your soul. Spend as much time outdoors as you can and I guarantee your spiritual practices will be enhanced. Nature is a metaphor for every single spiritual and soulful quality and principle.

Working to connect to the soul is effortless, joyful work. The end result will be a new perspective on many aspects of your life and your relationships. Within each of us there is always a way to re-connect to this dimension of ourselves. If you are struggling to find this connection, the first step is to stop struggling and see that struggle itself may be the resistance you are feeling to your soul connection. A gentle allowanceand invitation to enter is fearless and full of grace. Do not be afraid to let go of the outer trappings of mind and body for a minute. Just give your soul a chance to speak, through you, and you will be on your way to seeing a part of you that you never thought possible.

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