Meditation Process enables to explore you through awakening ‘Kundalini’

Meditation Process enables to explore you through awakening ‘Kundalini’

Meditation Process is the method encompasses the Spiritual process through which we try to concentrate and rejuvenate our conscious awareness, trying to break free from all the worldly attachments or bodings and instead allow the awakening to rise towards a state of pure awareness, pure consciousness.

People experience various types of spiritual awakening during meditation process. However, there cannot be a common experience for all. It depends on the temperament, mode of sadhana, place of concentration and various other factors. There are various forms of meditations, often practiced with the use of a symbol where the awareness of the person is focused upon the symbol, instead of remaining identified with thoughts and emotions that might otherwise retain importance as the focus of awareness. The Buddhist monks since ages have been practicing meditation in their day-to-day activities as a form of mind-training process.  The method of using beads while meditating is one of the popular forms of meditations process.

Meditation occurs when an aspirant is fixed in contemplation on the Infinite with a pure heart. You are cleansed of all the impurities. This light cleanses the soul which touches it. There is no one specific way to do this, experts have always said that there are many methods through which we can concentrate. Infact, a good master can help you to find out the best way for you to concentrate. Even when the person is in the trance like situation it depends on the individual, since some may hear melodious and divine sound waves while some may see divine light and others experience ‘ananda’ (divine happiness), spiritual bliss. Some people experience both light and bliss. During meditation, you may even experience that you are rising from your seat and flying in the air.

This will happen you will reach the point where you will be concentrating on a specific point, virtually deaf to rest of the world. Your total concentration will have to be focused on a point where you will hear nothing but your inner self. This is where you require a trained Yoga Master or ‘Guru’ who will help you to reach the state of deeper relaxed meditation much faster than practicing on your own. The master who will transform the positivity through techniques which will experience the change in yourself spiritually. The Yoga Master is someone who will transform the positive energy into you.  The master will take you through the difficult path of spirituality and give you the power to manipulate yourself, your mind and when you learn the secret of manipulating your mind, the whole of Nature under his control.

The Yoga Master tells you that human mind cannot be totally vacant; it will have to be pre-occupied with something all the time. It is the master who will expose you to the layers of the gross mind and penetrates deeply into higher regions of the mind through total concentration. The master will train your mind step by step, and enable you to focus your total concentration on a specific point.

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