This section features a list of experimental methods of communicating with the AfterLife. The purpose of this section is to help groups of people around the world try experimental ways of communication and then have a forum to record and expand upon the findings. Don't be discouraged, it takes many years and hundreds of different types of experiments to communicate with the afterlife. By being proactive you will help pioneer interworld telepathic communication. Please come up with your own experiments and add them to this website.

3 Sure Shot Ways to Communicate With Souls

3 Sure Shot Ways to Communicate With Souls

Who else is fascinated by spirit communication but doesn’t know where to begin? Are you curious if you have spirit guides, guardian angels or simply just random energies who WANT to communicate with you?

Have you tried random methods for communicating with ghosts, apparitions and spirits and found them much more difficult than advertised?

In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at what I believe are the very BEST ways to make contact with spirits, and how to get your own evidence as well… ..because that’s the ONLY way you’re ever going to believe.

Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Personal EVP:

Often called Electronic Voice Phenomena, learning how to capture EVP may be the absolute easiest and most exciting area of spirit communication that most “normal” people never pursue!

Why is it easy?

Because contrary to what you may hear about on TV… there is really NOTHING that needs to be done, other than setting up a simple voice activated recorder and walking away. I recommend recording for 60 minutes a day, and setting up the recorder somewhere quiet, without a lot of fanfare or activity.

Then… ..just walk away and live your life. Contrary to what you’ll see promoted by professional ghost “hunters” (a word that I hate, by the way!) the very BEST EVP’s are often captured spontaneously, by average people who are curious but not convinced.

The Wonders of Ouija:

The ouija board is a great tool. It’s not a toy, and it’s not scary either. The truth is, I own 5 different ouija boards and each seems to have their own unique personality. I had my first incredible experience with a ouija board while in college… and to this day, it continues to amaze, astound and intrigue me.

It’s not always eventful… and it’s not always exciting.

But when you have a genuine spiritual experience that you KNOW in your bones is the real deal, it’s something you won’t every forget.

NOTE: I also don’t believe in all of the “dark energy” and scary stories many people like to push about using the ouija alone, or without experience, etc. I have never had a scary experience with the ouija alone or with a group, and in 20 years the worst thing that has happened has been abject boredom when “no one” shows up for session.

Psychic Mediumship:

This is the one thing that all of us can do to have direct contact with the spiritual realms, without needing to do anything weird or uncomfortable.

A good medium is EXACTLY that: An intermediary between this world and the next… and who will do all of the heavy lifting for you.

You don’t need to stretch your limits or stress yourself… a spiritual or afterlife medium will facilitate the communication and help give you the evidence you need to know it’s real.

My first GENUINE interest in this whole area arose out of a phone call with a medium, who told me things that were not only impossible for her to have known, she verified in GREAT detail an extraordinary experience I had several weeks earlier when a co-worker who lived on the other side of the country, appeared to me in the middle of the night to wave goodbye. (he died suddenly and unexpectedly in his sleep)

There you have it. 3 simple tools and techniques ANYONE can use to make contact with spirits, ghosts and the energies of those in the afterlife! Give them each a try… and watch how quickly your life changes, and for the better to boot!

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