This section features a list of experimental methods of communicating with the AfterLife. The purpose of this section is to help groups of people around the world try experimental ways of communication and then have a forum to record and expand upon the findings. Don't be discouraged, it takes many years and hundreds of different types of experiments to communicate with the afterlife. By being proactive you will help pioneer interworld telepathic communication. Please come up with your own experiments and add them to this website.

Travel For The Budget Conscious Consumer

Travel For The Budget Conscious Consumer

It’s about time we revolutionize travel.  We’ve connected our world through automobiles, trains, ships, airplanes and even space shuttle.  So what is the next big thing?  What could possibly be more interesting than traveling in a space shuttle?  Could it be an age-old phenomenon that most people haven’t openly practiced but even the most budget conscious consumers can experience?  Could it be, Astral Projection?

You won’t be booking these tickets through a travel agent but you will experience the next big travel concept that could revolutionize this century.  Gone are the days of frequent flyer miles and being restricted to places.  Traveling via the Astral Plane offers boarding passes available to travel through different dimensions.  And if that’s not your cup of tea, your next stop could be the afterlife, or even jet setting off to a higher spiritual realm.  If you can imagine it, it’s quite possible you can get there!

Astral Projection has been cited and referenced as far back as the Bible, but then why haven’t we all caught onto this phenomenon?  Probably because it takes patience, time and discipline in order to understand and then successfully master this skill.  Once you have, the world, different dimensions and spiritual realms are your oyster.  Anything is possible. 

Think of Astral Travel as a 2 – part process, not unlike a connecting flight.  The first part is getting your consciousness out of your physical body and into your astral body; the second is allowing your astral body to travel the astral plane.  Traveling the astral plane can only be achieved once you are in your astral body.

As Astral Travel requires a state of deep meditation and relaxation, you will need to master this technique prior to attempting astral projection/travel.  Further to some of the meditation tips below, you may want to research applications available on your smart phone and/or tablet.  Not only are there several worthy breathing apps available, through research you may find additional written techniques of use to you.

Below are 2 free applications with a high popularity rating that you may find extremely useful.

Breathing for Life:

Peaceful Breathing:

It is important to note that there are hundreds of available applications, so do your research and select one that suits your needs.  You will be traveling for the trip of a lifetime, so arming yourself with the best tools of travel will be the key to reaching your ultimate destination.  


What You Need to Know Prior to Boarding the Astral Travel Plane | Simple Meditation

Practice this technique daily starting with 10 – minute sessions, slowly working your way up to 30 – 60 minute sessions.  30 minutes of deep relaxation in a meditative state should be the minimum amount of meditative time lapse you enter into in order to attempt astral projection and travel. 

1.When you are in a relaxed state, find somewhere that you consider Zen within your home and where you will be undisturbed and free from distractions.  Dim the lights.

2.Get into free form and comfortable clothing.  That’s right, finally an opportunity to travel in your sweatpants and that beat up t-shirt you haven’t yet donated.  Remove all jewelry and anything else on your person that is in contact with your skin other than your jet-setting comfort outfit.

3.Move into a semi-seated position or any other position that is comfortable to you without the possibility that you will fall asleep. Position yourself on a north/south axis with your head pointed magnetic north.

4.Clear your mind.  Remember, this takes practice.  If you do find your mind wandering, acknowledge the distraction and then go back to a state of clearing your mind.

5.Flex all of your muscles and then start to loosen them one at a time.  Your best approach is to start with your head and work your way slowly down to your toes.  Feel the muscles around your eyes let go, relax the jaw, and loosen your shoulders, then your neck and arms and so on.  Shed the muscle tension moving all the way down the body without missing any limbs.

6.You should still be working on your breathing!  If you don’t have an application that is assisting you with breathing regulation, try this simple breathing technique.

i.  Inhale slowly 4 seconds

ii.  Hold your breath for 4 seconds

iii. Exhale slowly for 4 seconds

iv. Hold your lungs empty and free from breath for 4 seconds

Once you have mastered the above meditation practices, you will be ready to try performing Astral Projection.


The Connecting Flight to the Astral Plane

1.Find your deep meditative state as described above in the simple meditation instructions or by using a method you currently practice to achieve an absolute state of relaxation.

2.Once you’ve achieved step 1, your body will naturally start to enter a hypnagogic state simply meaning it is bordering between consciousness and sleep.  At this stage visual & auditory hallucinations are possible and required. Try concentrating on an object such as your hand.  Try to move your hand with your mind, without physically picking it up.  This will take time and practice, but once you’ve been able to do this, you are now controlling your hypnagogic state.

3.Deepen this state while doing nothing for a little while.  Concentrate on the blackness in front of your closed eyelids.  In time you may start to notice light patterns forming in front of your closed eyes.  These have zero use to you and ignoring them, pushing back to blackness again will surge you forward into a deeper relaxed state which is where you need to be.

4.At this stage, you will be required to enter into a state of vibration. To achieve this, you need to visualize a void in front of you and concentrate heavily on it, with your eyes remaining closed.  Once you’ve found this point, change your point of reference to 6 feet further drawing an imaginary line that is parallel with your body.  With your mind, attempt to achieve contact with that parallel line.   While you may not initially understand this state of vibration, rest assured once you’ve successfully achieved it, repeating it in future will come more naturally.  Some may experience a body tingling such as a limb that ‘falls asleep’ while others may describe it as a form of electricity.

5.In order to fully dissociate from the body, step 4 must be mastered. You must be able to control the vibrations.  Imagine them as waves rushing out of your head and downwards along the body.  You are in control of them and can float along with them.  At this stage, your consciousness is ready to leave the physical body into your astral body.

6.Select your destination and plan out your itinerary.  For first timers, you will probably never even leave the room you are currently in.  With practice and time, your destinations will slowly become worldlier or if you want, out of this world!  

7.Keep your mind fully focused on the idea of leaving the body while imagining contacting with an object within reach in your Zen zone. You may also experiment with looking around at yourself or standing within the room you are in.  Remember, you are using your imagination to do this without concentrating too hard on anything in particular.  Familiar and safe surroundings will set you up for your best success on this trip. 

8.Once you have experimented with step 7, take a little break and return to your deep relaxation in preparation for a full dissociation.

9.There are 2 methods recorded for the best success in a complete dissociation. 

i. Lifting out of the body – imagine yourself getting lighter and lighter to the point of actually floating upwards and over the body

ii.Rolling out of the body – like rolling over in bed, you would roll out of the physical body and be lying next to it rather than floating above

10.  Both of these techniques will lend to a very simplistic version of astral travel or an out of body experience in its most basic form.

11.  Thinking about returning to your body, will do exactly that and you will become one again.  Your subconscious is monitoring your physical body and Zen zone at all times making you in control despite myths that you can get lost from your own self.  If any situation arises requiring your conscious mind to be fully alert, your mind will automatically return to your body instantaneously.

Once mastering the above-mentioned basics of astral travel, your experimentation and adventures can begin.  No longer limited to the confines of your Zen zone, follow it up with travel throughout your own home and continue moving further and further away each time.  Soon enough you will find yourself in a higher spiritual state or in places far away that only your mind could ever dream of.  And will.

Travel from the comfort of your own home without expensive flights or travel fees, experiencing a destination of a lifetime, and all while wearing sweatpants….now this is travel we could all get used to.  Even for the most budget conscious consumer.

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