THERE HAVE BEEN DEBATES ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE SINCE THE DAWN OF MAN! Below are some of the hotly debated subjects. Please comment in the blogs Better yet ...please contribute an Article on your own spicy viewpoints! Some important questions are, Is there an AfterLife? Where is the AfterLife? What form do we take in the AfterLife? Does religion matter in the AfterLife? Is the AfterLife a short term transition between earth and somewhere else?

Spirit Vs Matter – Or Are They Really An Undiscovered Parallel?

Spirit Vs Matter – Or Are They Really An Undiscovered Parallel?

Has anyone ever proven the afterlife doesn’t exist?  Well no, but of course that’s a silly question, if not a lazy one that would never hold up.   The issue of whether or not our consciousness survives bodily death currently resides in the debate of spirit vs matter over the origin of our consciousness.  In the spiritualist world consciousness is an eternal process and proof of the afterlife rests in experiential evidence.  On the other end of the spectrum in the world of science evidence of the survival of our consciousness must rest on empirical observation and scientific standards.  So what do the Sages & Scientists really know?  The Chopra Foundation explores a skeptical view of the survival of consciousness in the Sages and Scientists symposium with Michael Shermer.  (Read More)

Michael Shermer Skeptic Magazine Publisher, and Professor at both Chapman and Claremont University says “there’s a lot of bunk that needs debunking” when it comes to claims of the paranormal, the cult and a long list of claims of all kinds, but what makes him most curious in his role as devils advocate, is his interest in wanting to know why people believe these things and how belief systems are constructed.

Shermer’s position is that the mind doesn’t exist, only the brain and when the brain dies, our consciousness dies too.  We’re only using the word mind as a means to describe what the brain does.  Use of the word “mind” is like using the terms “dark matter” and “dark energy” scientists use to describe 95% of our universe, which are nothing more than stand in names science created to represent the mystery they have not yet solved.  The term ‘mind’ doesn’t represent or explain anything about where consciousness comes from, what consciousness is, or how it works, and if it does after we die.   In his view the problem in this spirit vs matter debate lies in that we human beings are uncomfortable with the fact that we just don’t know.

Deepak Chopra challenges Shermer to move beyond the classical understanding of consciousness.  He suggests consciousness is a non-local field of possibilities with no fixed reality, that our experiences, awareness and perception are personal, and separate from the mechanics of our bodies.  The debate upholds a refreshing view to explore the common ground between science and spirituality and to expand our perceptions of what exactly creates our ultimate reality.  Perhaps within what has been seen as two opposing views actually lies an undiscovered parallel to understanding the nature of our existence.

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