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Marcello Bacci Dials In Your Loved Ones

Marcello Bacci Dials In Your Loved Ones

In the 1860s, Scottish physicist, James Clerk Maxwell predicted the existence of radio waves; and in 1895 Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi proved the feasibility of radio communication by sending and receiving the first radio signal in Italy.  By 1902 Marconi flashed the first successful transatlantic radio telegraph message from England to Newfoundland, but who would have thought radio waves would eventually support contact with other ranges of human consciousness including the radio station from beyond?  (Read More)

Marcello Bacci of Grosseto, Italy began to dial in spirit voices through his vacuum tube radio in the 1960s through an experiment known as the Direct Radio Voice Method (DRV).  DRV is a method that seeks to obtain anomalous communications directly through the loudspeakers of radios.  Frequently such entities refer to listeners by name, respond to questions directed to them sometimes providing relevant and lengthy pieces of information.  Holding sessions at his home where visitors are often addressed by their departed loved ones, Bacci’s experiments are carried out in the presence of many people, sometimes up to as many as 70 at a given time.  Adorning the walls of his laboratory are photographs the public have given Bacci as a gift of gratitude for connecting them with their loved ones in the afterlife.

 Many researchers from across the globe have visited Bacci in his laboratory to test the authenticity of the phenomenon over the years.   Attempts to establish contact with Bacci’s radio in the absence of Bacci have always produced negative results, and to date not one researcher has been able to decode the mystery of how communication with the afterlife works using an old valve radio tuned into white noise in the high frequency short wave band, confirming the role of Bacci as a medium in the equation.

One such carefully controlled investigation occurred in Grossetto on December 5, 2004.  In the presence of 37 people including investigators, technicians and scientists, including the Portuguese association of parapsychological studies “Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Research Biopsychocybernetic” and some mothers who lost their children, Bacci conducted his DRV experiments.

Before and after the experiment, Bacci’s old Normende valve radio and his laboratory were thoroughly inspected by the investigation team who confirmed there was no access to the radio through the work bench it was resting on or on the wall situated some distance behind the radio.   The radio was situated in a position accessible on all sides, and there was no back on the radio.

During the experiments Marcello Bacci seated himself directly in front of his radio with Professor Fontana, professor of Psychology, former President of the Society for Psychical Research and Chair of the Society’s Survival Research Committee, beside him on his left, and Dr. Anabela Cardoso, founder and Editor of the ITC Journal and Director of the ITC Journal Research Centre, immediately behind him positioned looking directly over his left shoulder.  Professor Festa was seated on Dr. Anabela Cardoso’s left, and Mr. Robin Foy, leader of the UK Scole Experiment, on Bacci’s right.  All four investigators were at all times in close touching proximity to Marcello Bacci.

The public who attended had been seated 1.5 meters behind the Bacci and the investigators.  They did not participate in the experiment or approach the radio at any time.  Analog and digital audio recorders and video recorders were set up to document the proceedings.  Bacci turned on his radio and began slowly to turn his radio dial, scanning the range from 7 to 9 megahertz producing a range of radio transmissions interspersed with white noise.

 After approximately 20 minutes Bacci stopped tuning the dial, and the white noise changed to a vortex-like sound that was described as wind or the sound of waves.  The white noise died down shortly afterwards, often recurring simultaneously carrying the voices.  The first communications by the spirit voices were in Italian, followed by words in Spanish.  Bacci, spoke in Italian, informing the spirit voices they could speak in Portuguese, English or Spanish, who then addressed David Fontana and Robin Foy in English and Anabela Cardoso in Spanish.

At the beginning the spirit messages were ethical and esoteric in nature and progressed to addressing specific individuals directly.  Sometimes the voices replied to questions in a different language from that used by the questioner, and sometimes they even changed languages during the course of their answers.  Over the course of the hour long session, five or six individual spirit voices, one of them female, addressed those in the room with most having a clarity resembling that of normal voices, and others with the distorted characteristics of ITC voices, rendering them distinct from normal articulation.

 What is considered to be most significant about this session and marked with historic importance in the history of ITC research and psychical research in general, took place at the end of the experiment.  Professor Festa and Technician Santi removed two of the valves from the radio, yet the spirit voices continued to communicate with Bacci and the investigators.  Despite this, critics in the room claimed it was still technically possible for the radio to emit sound in other wavebands.  Then with the consent of Bacci, all five valves were removed, and visible to all parties in the room as the spirit voices continued to communicate without change in volume or clarity.  Without warning, Bacci then turned off the radio, and to the amazement of all those present, the spirit communication continued for another 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Bacci’s radio was then turned on an angle of 90 degrees, and closely inspected by all present.  Video and photographic evidence was taken of the radio and all five valves, verified and signed as correct by all parties.  All recorded audio was tested and certified through FBI endorsed voice print analysis software confirming crucial evidence that the voices were not produced by fraudulent transmissions.   But the skeptics were not satisfied, claiming radio signals could still be sent to the radio via a remote location.  Dr. Emanuelo Toriello conducted further investigation with Bacci and placed his radio inside a special shield which blocks all radio signals.  Yet the spirit voices continued.

Skeptical?  Check out Marcello Bacci in action with his old valve radio and the investigation in the documentary film The Afterlife Investigations.—watch

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