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Facebook To Fame While You’re In The Afterlife

Facebook To Fame While You’re In The Afterlife

For roughly 32% of the world population who use the internet social interaction has become significantly virtual and for those who consider it a high priority on your ‘To Do’ list to connect with your online community after you pass on, here’s your opportunity with the Facebook app “If I Die”.  Moreover, if your interest lies in world fame the developer Willook has recently launched the campaign “If I Die 1st” offering you this chance on one condition:  You must be the app’s first user to die. (Read More)

 ”If I Die” allows users to securely record and store a video or text message that is posted to your Facebook wall for free after you venture into the afterlife, with recently upgraded premium services added such as private Facebook messaging to individuals, and longer video messaging for your last word.

Users simply install the app, record or upload a video, compose a final Facebook wall post and/or their private messages, then assign a minimum of three trusty friends or family members to act as your “trustees”.  In order for your final messages to be posted, all three of your trustees must confirm your untimely death and if you’re the first participant using the app to go after a buffer period of a few months you’ll be awarded fame with your last wall post universally broadcasted to the world via Mashable and various international TV networks, websites and blogs.

 If you have trustees who like to play practical jokes, no worries about a premature afterlife wall post or claim to fame.  If I Die says it has security measures in place such as time buffers and messages they send to the person who is reported dead to avoid message activation on misreported deaths.  If I Die also says it has taken the highest security measures to ensure that no one, including their employees and your trustees, will be able to see your closing statements before the end of your time, so no worries about spoiling the grand finale either.

 No doubt the thought of using this app may be a tad morbid, if not down right weird or creepy for some, but perhaps this app may be a sign of the times.  Willook’s Founder & CEO, Eran Alfonta came up with this idea after a friend had a near death experience which left them with the realization that death could find them anywhere, anytime and that there should be a service in the world of social networking that enables leaving a message should one’s time up unexpectedly arrive.  Until now, no generation before us has been afforded the opportunity to leave a custom digital time capsule to their friends or loved ones, or “a chance of a deathtime to world fame” either.  Since IfIDie’s initial Facebook launch in January 2012 the app only has 200,000 registered users although not all have left their famous last words so time will tell if use of this application will become customary or be a flash in the pan of the virtual world.

 Promoted very tongue and cheek, If I Die’s tag query is “What will you leave behind?”   Given this opportunity for virtual immortality would you want to leave behind your final words with the world?  If you would, IfIDie Ist’s chance at world fame campaign runs until August 22, 2014.

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