THERE HAVE BEEN DEBATES ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE SINCE THE DAWN OF MAN! Below are some of the hotly debated subjects. Please comment in the blogs Better yet ...please contribute an Article on your own spicy viewpoints! Some important questions are, Is there an AfterLife? Where is the AfterLife? What form do we take in the AfterLife? Does religion matter in the AfterLife? Is the AfterLife a short term transition between earth and somewhere else?

Doorway to the Past, Present & Future

Doorway to the Past, Present & Future

Astral Projection, an interpretation of what many people refer to as an out of body experience is based around a two-part hypothesis.  The first theory being that everyone has both a physical body and an astral body.  The second notion is that these two bodies are capable of separation and traveling apart from one another.  Astral Projection is the belief that the consciousness can separate from the physical body and enter the astral body.  When the consciousness moves or separates into the Astral Body, Astral travel is possible within the Astral Plane.  During life it can translate into journeys through other existing dimensions and in death it could be our next destination of existence. 

Astral projection is both an ancient philosophy and a universal one.  Instances of Astral Projection and travel have been documented worldwide by individuals and regardless of age, sex, culture, religion and/or education.  Anthropologists have suggested that up to 95% of our cultural population believes in Astral Projection and have reported incidents in some form of paranormal activity and out of body experiences.  Alcock, J.E,. & Otis, L.P. (1980), Critical thinking and belief in the paranormal. Psychological Reports.

Projectiology, the scientific study of the out of body experience and astral projection suggests that the mind has the capability to extend and reach past our 5 senses that form our physical world as we see it.   Consider the supplementary elements of our senses that we do not regularly reflect upon such as the vibrations that everything physical is also comprised of. Take for instance notes on a piano.  High and low notes are both sounds but what distinguishes each of these notes is actually the octaves and frequency of the vibrations on the string.  [or…High and low notes are both sounds with the octaves and frequency of the string vibration being the distinguishing factors that make them unique.]

We can further explore this theory with light itself.  Light is energy and whether it is blue, red or yellow, the frequency of vibration within each light is the determining factor that makes it individualistic.  Therefore travel through vibrational realms are not necessarily above or below us, but are all around us in our current physical world. We coexist within these dimensions on a daily basis and astral travel opens the door to actually discovering and exploring them.

In these dimensions, it is important to note that many things may be familiar and that much of what you can encounter and explore will mimic our experiences, objects and places within our physical world. However this is simply mind control as astral travel will be what you make of it.  It is you who guides the experience, whatever that may be.  Your creativity, visions and inhibitions will set the foundation and intent for your travels.  For this reason, several believe that much of what we have on earth was actually molded after astral travel.  Could this be how inventors have created technology and objects we never thought imaginable?  Are they floating between the psychical and astral world bringing back concepts and ideas that the majority population could never begin to wrap their head around?

Our astral bodies have no limitations and when we are out of our physical body, anything is possible.  We receive small life lessons of this anytime we dream and many principles of dreams can be carried through to astral travel and understanding the astral body.  For starters our astral body can defy gravity, it cannot be injured and communication happens by thought alone. 

For some, astral travels have had a negative impact with reports of disorientation, uneasiness, confusion and sometimes panic.  Others would describe experiences as pure fright due to mingling with the spirit world, deceased and other entities that you may experience during your travels.  If you take into account that everything happening is by thought alone and you are well prepared for your travels with a full understanding of the astral body, these fears and uncertainties would diminish.  With a simple thought of being home, you will return.  Interacting with these spirits and entities are a part of astral projection and what many hope to achieve when they perform astral travel.  Remove fear and uncertainty and look for the deeper meaning and reasoning behind these encounters.

 A Look Throughout Time

The philosophy behind Astral Projection was originally derived from religious accounts that the soul never dies but that the energy releases through your astral body into the afterlife on a new journey.  It is hard to say where astral projection originated or who the first was to practice this belief.  Many will say the Bible, others will debate it was Ancient Egypt in Atlantis while some argue Ancient Greece. 

Regardless of origin, the astral body throughout history has consistently been depicted as a body of light with several accounts including a similar silver or light cord tethering the astral body to the physical body. 

The Bible

Many believe for this reason that the Bible directly references the idea of astral projection and travel through direct references of silver cords, spirits, resurrection of the common man, spirits, powers, darkness and ‘out of the body’ references.  The following books and versus have been debated by philosophers throughout time considering their possible connection to this phenomenon:

John 3:3

Book of Ecclesiastes 12:6

2 Corinthians 12:1–4

Deuteronomy 18:10-13

Ezekiel 3:12, 37:1-4

Romans 8:9

Ephesians 6:10-18

Revelation 1:10

 Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians had their own belief of Ka which was frequently depicted through inscriptions on rock walls throughout temples and buildings.  The astral body was illustrated as a soul hovering above the physical body and their beliefs were that this spiritual double continued to exist after death.

Ancient Greece

References of Astral Projection can be found in the writings of Plato, Herodotus, Hermotimus of Clazomene and several other historians and philosophers of this time.  Most notable are the depictions found in the Temple of Eleusis.

 Similar stories and representations have been an underlying tradition in most of the major religions worldwide and can be studied from China, India, Islam, Japan and several native cultures, to name a few.  The unmistakable similarities and common elements among cultures globally make this phenomenon impossible to ignore. 

 For those who are non-religious or spiritual believers, is it possible that even Einstein’s Theory of Relativity could apply to this phenomenon?  As we know, energy does not die, it is transformed.   Could it be converted into an astral version of our own selves?

Does this belief also explain apparitional experiences, unexplained entities, or even the doppelganger theory?  Maybe you really have seen a living person in another place at the same time.  Perhaps they are on an astral travel. 

Alternatively, has the human race created a universal theory of life after death once contemplating and acknowledging their potential mortality?


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